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Hello, I'm Tom.

This tour will take about 5 minutes of your time, let's get started!

This is the navigation menu (once you're logged in), where you can do most of the important things on the site.
To record anything new, like a new shared bill, debt, or payment: click on one of the items under Transactions.

There are 3 types of things you can record. Let's look at each one.
The easiest way to track debts is to record a New Debt.

It is a quick means to keep track of an "I Owe You".

Let's say I lent some cash to John for his new car, I can record that using the New Debt option.

Shared bills are for expenses that you share with your friends - like dinners, gas, grocery, or rent.

Usually there would be at least 3 of you, or more if you're popular.

Let's say I went on a trip with John and Mary, and we shared the gas, I can record that using the New Shared Bill option.

Pretty simple, right? Here I paid for the gas for the road trip, which totals to $65.00.

Let me show you another example.
Ready for a more complex example?

Let's say John, Mary, and I shared a dinner bill during the road trip: Mary ordered a salad, and John ordered the Steak & Lobster, and I ordered the Linguine.

I can split the bill total amount evenly amongst ourselves as I did with the gas bill, OR I can itemize the bill so that everyone pays for what they ordered.I even have the option to include tips and taxes, and Billsup would calculate each person's share.

A Payment is when someone pays me back, or I pay someone back.

Let's say John paid me back $400.00. It's easy to record that using Record Payment.
Once we have created bills or payments, you can access them at Transactions on the navigation bar to see any bill, debt, or payment that involves you - these bills could be created by you, or someone else.

I can click on any of the bills to see its details, how cool!
At the end of the day, you just want to see whether you are all settled up with your buddies.

My friends shows the list of people that have debts with you, which means: they either owe you money, or you owe them money.

For me, (although I'm not showing you my whole list), it shows that John needs to pay me $503.00, and I need to pay Mary back $326.34.
I also want to tell you about a cool feature we have called Debt transfer.

With debt trasnfer, Billsup would use an algorithm to reduce the number of payments you need to settle up with your friends. We make sure that you or your friends don't lose money in the process.
For example, after many shared bills and debts between your friends, your debt relationship may look something like this:

In this example, these friends would require 18 payments to settle up with each other. With Billsup, we can figure out how to settle up these debts easily without anyone losing any money.
Using "debt transfer" to shuffle money around, Billsup optimizes for the minimum number of transactions to settle up while keeping the payment amounts as low as possible, turning the previous graph into something like this:

After the debt transfer, these friends only require 4 payments to settle up with each other! How cool is that! Learn more about it on our blog post
Also, I want to tell you about groups.

If there are groups of people you always hang with, a group can be very handy. You can create groups by clicking on "My groups" on the navigation menu.
In my case, I have created a group called besties, which includes me, John, and Mary... well, because they're my besties :-)

Groups help us add multiple people to a shared bill very quickly. I can quickly add all of them to participants at once using the group name.

Lastly, let me tell you about your profile.

You can access it by clicking on your name at the top (next to logout).

Here's my profile:

In your profile page, you can update your profile picture, associate emails to your account, and other settings.
That's it!

I hope you found this tour helpful. Go on now! Share your bills and manage your debts using Billsup!

Just in case you want to review any part of the tour: If you have questions or feedback, feel free to ask us using our contact form!

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