What is it?
Billsup is a simple tool to track debts and manage shared bills amongst friends. Signing up is free!
The story behind the project
During college, Anup shared a house with a bunch of roommates. Between rent, daily expenses, and group trips, it became very difficult to keep track of I-owe-you's. Anup found that the existing tools and websites do not have the ease-of-use and flexibility that he wanted, so billsup is being built to help people like Anup - those who want an easy way to keep track of debt and shared bills with friends. Billsup came as a side project for us, and we're building it as a tool to help people like us. We're two software engineering graduates with a passion to help people.
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The team
Anup Matthew
Anup found his passion for computers ever since he used Paint on Windows 3.1. He enjoys coding, and has experience as a software engineer in Infosys and SAP.
Caleb Ho
Caleb loves developing software and building start-ups from the ground up. He holds a masters in software systems, and a bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering, He has worked at Microsoft, SAP, MDA, Broadcom, and PMC Sierra.
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